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DR-HD100E100GB Hard Disk Recorder, 100GB

Main features:

- Records in both HDV and DV formats
- Available with 60GB or 100GB capacity for 6 hrs or 10 hrs respective recording
- DTE™ (Direct-to-Edit) function saves hours of transfer and file rendering prior to editing
- Built-in 10 sec shock cache protects the recording by eliminating errors
- Records simultaneously to tape & disk for back-up and archiving
- Records sequentially to tape & disk for extended durations and security
- Built-in removable battery supply with seamless switch over to external DC input
- Two sizes of replacement battery
- Integral mounting with camcorder
- Intelligent file management allows clips to be assigned to pre-named folders
- Instant real time editing when connecting the drive directly to the NLE
- Transfer files from DR-HD100 into NLE at speeds greater than 4x



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