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Kramer Network Enterprise Management Platform


  • Designed for IT using SNMP, LDAP, Outlook integration and more
  • Comprehensive Pro AV / IP device configuration and management including FW upgrade
  • Powerful AV routing for combined virtual and physical matrixes
  • Enables integrated Kramer Maestro room automation for any device or location
  • Quick and simple room booking and schedule management
  • Detailed and configurable log reports



Kramer Network is an enterprise management platform that lets IT and AV professionals easily deploy, configure and manage an entire Pro AV installation from anywhere in the network, including Dante™ and 3rd party devices.

  •  Simple and Intuitive AV Routing — Complete centralized or distributed routing of virtual and / or physical matrixes.
  •  Quick and Efficient Device Management — With instant auto detect, status update, and configuration for any Kramer or Dante IP device on the network.
  •  Easily Trackable Device Firmware Management — Manage all FW versions, automatically receive new version notifications and execute updates from a centralized location with one click.
  •  Enhanced Security — With LDAP user authentication and advanced user management, enabling you to create different levels of access for different users.
  •  Powerful Built–in Room Automation — Enhance any device or location with built in Kramer Maestro room and device automation, configuration and management.
  •  Detailed Site Topology — Easily drill down to visually examine a specific location.
  •  Live Alert and Response — Proactive notifications such as email and SMNP traps keep you informed of issues in your system.
  •  Fully Customizable Scripts — Increase the functionality of your system by creating custom scripts in almost any language to provide for the specific needs of a project.
  •  Constant System Optimization and Improvement — All system events are recorded in the logs, enabling reports to be generated to analyze past usability and plan future adaptation and optimization.
  •  Fast Initial Setup — Install and start using the platform in minutes with no need for programming.
  •  Integrated Room Scheduling and Management — synchronized with your Outlook.
  •  Multi–lingual Support.
  •  Online Help.




  •  Meeting rooms across multiple buildings
  •  Education, university classrooms and lecture halls
  •  Digital signage with multiple AV sources to multiple displays
  •  Control rooms and broadcast
  •  Sports bars