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Compact multi-format digital HD/SD 12in, 3key vision mixer

The multi-format digital vision mixers offer robust and reliable production switching at an affordable price, perfect for small studio, playout, venue and OB requirements. The KM-H2500 is a six-input two-key SD/HD-SDI model ideal for entry-level applications, while the KM-H3000 is a powerful twelve-input three-key SD/HD-SDI mixer.

Unlike other switchers that ship with only basic functionality, KM-H Series switchers come fully equipped with all inputs, chroma key, animation stores and frame synchronisers, with no need to purchase further optional components to enjoy full functionality. The KM-H series now comes with a free multiview function which includes high quality 10-put multiviewer with an output routable to Preview or PGM-2 HD/SDI outputs.

Main features:

  • Fully equipped with 12/6 (HD) SDI inputs, 3 Aux busses and chroma keyer
  • Dual animation and still stores as standard
  • Three internal sync generators as standard
  • Perfect preview with AI memory recall
  • Excellent chroma keying
  • Both input and bus based up/down conversion and frame syncs
  • High quality 2D DVEs that zoom full screen as standard
  • Proper professional next transition and preview function
  • Redundant power supply capability


Technical specs:
Power requirement: 100-240V AC
Operating Temperature: 7-40ºC (45-104ºF)
Operating Position : Horizontal only
Dimensions: 404 x 272 x 122 (WxDxH) mm
Weight: 4.17 Kg (9.2 lbs)
Display: VFD
Display: Tally Support: 8 (D-sub 9 connector); Editor Interface: 1 (D-sub 9, RS-422); General Purpose Interface: 24 input (1 x D-sub 25 connector)
Ethernet Management Interface: 10/100Mbps (RJ45 connector)
Media Interface: USB 2.0


> KM-HPSU/E Power Supply Pack KMH2500/3000
> KM-HRMK Rack Mount, KM-H2500E/3000E



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