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Flex Studio 17

Flex Studio 17 (17

17" LCD, Trapezoidal Beamsplitter

• Lightweight REVERSING 10.4",15", 17" or 19" LCD displays
• Supports any camera size MiniDV to ENG, and even DSLR Cameras.
• Readable to about 27 feet depending on LCD selected
• Flip-Q Lite software license for Mac and PC included, upgrade to Pro available as an extra
• HDMI, VGA and Composite inputs, reversing monitor standard
• Runs on 100-240V AC or 12v DC
• Perfect balance with any size camera
• Premium HD 60/40 or 70/30 glass beamsplitter
• Rear Anti reflection coating
• Completely tool-less setup
• Lightweight aluminum extrusion frames
• Easy Top side camera adjustment
• 3 year warranty on hardware
• Soft padded carry case included for iPAD, 11", 15" and 17" models only.

All FLEX 11, 15, 17 and 19" teleprompters ship with a reversing monitor for ease of setup and use.
Though many users control their teleprompter speed through a laptop, some will want a controller - especially users who don't have a 2nd person available to control the speed. We offer a range of very cost effective wired and wireless controllers. These are not included with the teleprompter as standard.

For detailed explanations of the various options and the available accessories models, click here:


Standard Teleprompter Style
ProLine Series vs Flex Series Hardware
Flex Studio 17 (17
Flex Studio 17 (17
Flex Studio 17 (17
Flex 11 (10.4
Flex 11 (10.4
Flex 11 (10.4
Flex Studio 17 (17