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VP-558 11x4:2 Presentation Boardroom Router / Scaler System

  • Pix–Perfect™ Scaling Technology
  • HDBaseT Range — up to 70m (230ft)
  • 4x1 USB Switcher
  • OSD (On Screen Display)
  • Front–panel LCD — For status display
  • Audio DSP Features
  • Input/Output Audio Level Adjustment
  • Selectable Microphone Talkover or Mix Modes
  • Built–in Power Amplifier
  • Built–in ProcAmp
  • Control — RS–232, Ethernet with built–in Web pages
  • Size — Standard 19" (2U). Rack "ears" included.
  • Audio — U/B/D/E


The VP−558 is a high−performance 11x4 ProScale presentation scaler/matrix switcher that can output four independent scaled images. Each output includes an HDMI and HDBaseT connector. The product supports analog, digital and embedded audio. VP−558 features six HDMI inputs, four HDBaseT inputs, an analog VGA input, and a 4x1 USB switcher. VP−558 also includes a microphone input, independent stereo audio outputs, a monitor output, an amplified speaker output, and audio DSP features.

  •  Pix–Perfect™ Scaling Technology — Kramer’s precision pixel mapping and high–quality full up — and down–scaling technology.
  •  HDTV Compatible. HDCP Compliant.
  •  Output Resolutions — Up to 1080p/WUXGA.
  •  System Range — For the HDBT inputs and outputs — up to 70m (230ft).
  •  Cables — For optimum range and performance using HDBaseT™, use Kramer's BC–HDKat6a cable. Note that the transmission range depends on the signal resolution, source and display used. The distance using non–Kramer CAT 6 cable may not reach these ranges.
  •  4x1 USB Switcher — Can be set to follow the switching of the video layer or as an independent switcher.
  •  OSD (On Screen Display) — For easy setup and adjustment, accessible via the front panel buttons.
  •  Audio DSP Features.
  •  Input/Output Audio Level Adjustment.
  •  Selectable Microphone Talkover or Mix Modes.
  •  Analog & Embedded Audio Support — For inputs and outputs.
  •  Built–in Power Amplifier — 2x10W power amplifier with speaker outputs on a 4–pin terminal block connector.
  •  Multiple Aspect Ratio Selections.
  •  Built–in ProcAmp — Color, hue, sharpness, noise, contrast and brightness.
  •  Built–in Web Pages — For easy setup and remote control.
  •  Firmware Upgrade via the Ethernet
  •  Multiple Control Options — Front panel buttons with OSD, RS–232, Ethernet and built–in Web pages.


  •  Projection systems in conference rooms, boardrooms, hotels and churches
  •  Meeting rooms with video conferencing systems
  •  Applications that require multiple screens with various sizes and resolutions at different distances from the cabinet or rack