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Carbonite 1-16 & Carbonite 1-24

Carbonite 1 Production Switcher

Highly powerful and efficiently designed, Carbonite delivers unprecedented performance in a remarkably cost-effective package. Carbonite sets the bar as the new world standard for mid-sized production switchers. Rugged and reliable - The stunning Carbonite 1 control panel has 16 source buttons and beautiful full color mnemonics for source and key naming. It also has a 3-Axis joystick positioner as well as direct access buttons in the transition area for advanced media wipes and DVE transitions. Uniquely, the Carbonite 1 panel can control 2 MLE's via user configurable keys.




1.MULTI-PURPOSE BUTTONS | Quickly select patterns, DVE effects, memories, media, or menu functions
2.POWERFUL MACRO EDITING | Easy to create, amazing to use
3.DIRECT ACCESS TO MEMORIES | MemoryAI™ Recalls make for impressive productions
4.INSTANT MLE SWAP | Switches between CARBONITE 1 MLE 1 and MLE 2
5.HIGHLY VISIBLE MENU | Intuitive auto-follow menu
6.HIGH END 3-AXIS JOYSTICK | Position wipes, patterns, washes, camera control and DVE effects
7.SOURCE MNEMONICS | Show current source names for every keyer
8.DEDICATED CUT AND AUTO TRANS BUTTONS | Rapid live keyer control
9.LEGENDARY ROSS FADER | Robust and Guaranteed for Life
10.ADVANCED TRANSITION TYPE SELECTION | Choose from dissolve, wipe, DVE, and MediaWipe™ Transitions
11.TRUE NEXT TRANSITION AREA | Rapid selection of all keyers with full preview
12.16-WIDE SELECTOR BUS | Access to every internal and external source in the switcher
13.PANEL GLOW | User-adjustable for various lighting environments
14.MACRO NAMES | Give macros names for worry-free recall during live productions
15.SOURCE MNEMONICS | Name sources, select text size, choose color and even invert
16.TOP BUS DELEGATION | Reassign the top bus to keyer, aux bus, or macro recall control
17.KEY TYPE SELECTIONS | Choose between selfkeying, linear keying, chroma keying, and DVE picture-in-picture keying