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Carbonite 2-16 & Carbonite 2-24

Carbonite 2 Production Switcher


The perfect combination of styling and functionality - Carbonite 2 has 24 source buttons for instant input access as well as multi-purpose mnemonic menu buttons for intuitive menu control. Like its smaller brother it is equipped with direct access buttons in the transition area for advanced media wipes and DVE transitions.







1.POWERFUL MACRO EDITING | Easy to create, amazing to use
2.MULTI-PURPOSE BUTTONS | Quickly select patterns, DVE effects, memories, media, or menu functions
3.DIRECT ACCESS TO MEMORIES | MemoryAI™ Recalls make for impressive productions
4.HIGHLY VISIBLE MENU | Intuitive auto-follow menu
5.HIGH END 3-AXIS JOYSTICK | Position wipes, patterns, washes, camera control and DVE effects
6.LEGENDARY ROSS FADER | Robust and Guaranteed for Life
7.DEDICATED CUT AND AUTO TRANS BUTTONS | Rapid live keyer control
8.SOURCE MNEMONICS | Show current source names for every keyer
9.ADVANCED TRANSITION TYPE SELECTION | Choose from dissolve, wipe, DVE, and MediaWipe™ Transitions
10.TRUE NEXT TRANSITION AREA | Rapid selection of all keyers with full preview
11.24-WIDE SELECTOR BUS | Access to every internal and external source in the switcher
12.PANEL GLOW | User-adjustable for various lighting environments
13.MACRO NAMES | Give macros names for worry-free recall during live productions
14.SOURCE MNEMONICS | Name sources, select text size, choose color and even invert
15.TOP BUS DELEGATION | Reassign the top bus to keyer, aux bus, or macro recall control
16.KEY TYPE SELECTIONS | Choose between self-keying, linear keying, chroma keying, and DVE picture in picture keying