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Vision 2 Control Panel

Vision 2 Control Panel

Vision makes it personal - allowing you to arrange things the way you want them

With Vision 2 you have independently map inputs to any button in any order on any MLE. Set up individual source mnemonic names, font sizes and colors. Use the new Vision RGB buttons to design your own color scheme, background panel glow and on-air indicators, that fit best with the way you work. Choose from a selection of system control display themes. Get Vision in your zone and make things happen.

The Vision family is built on a modular concept offering unmatched serviceability, flexibility and future growth path. Modules can be swapped out in minutes and all Vision models draw from a pool of standard modules, thus making support an engineers dream. As times change, new modules will offer new functionality and are easily added to Vision in the future.

Main features:

  • 2 MLE Rows
  • 16 Crosspoint Buttons
  • Control of up to 8 MLEs


Other models:

  • Vision 2M Control Panel
    - 2 MLE Rows
    - 24 Crosspoint Buttons
    - Control of up to 8 MLEs
  • Vision 2X Control Panel
    - 2 MLE Rows
    - 32 Crosspoint Buttons
    - Dedicated MLE Memory Modules
    - 1 Upgradeable Blank Module
    - Control of up to 8 MLEs



Vision 2M Control Panel
Vision 2X Control Panel
Vision 2 Live Production Studio - Switcher, Graphic Systems and video server