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Vision 4 Control Panel

Vision 4 Control Panel

Upgradeable Right up to Vision 4 Panel with 8 MLE Octane Engine.
Most operations are not static, their needs change and grow. If your budget is tight or your production needs don’t require the power of the Vision Octane with 8 MLEs just yet, the flexibility of the QMD and Octane chassis will impress you. Choose the starting point that’s right for you now and upgrade to the Vision 4 Panel with 8 MLE Octane Engine later. We also offer the ability to buy, for example, a Vision 3 control panel with 2 MLEs installed in the chassis allowing the third thru eighth MLE to be easily installed on site at some future time.

Vision is a family of production switchers that includes 8 different control panels that can be combined with two different rack frames. The Vision multi-definition frame is the most powerful switcher with two packed rackframes to choose from. Great looking effects are a real production enhancer! Vision switchers can support a variety of digital video effect options


Main features:

  • 4 MLE Rows
  • 40 Crosspoint Buttons
  • Dedicated MLE Memory Modules
  • 3 Upgradeable Blank Modules
  • Control of up to 8 MLEs